Personal Coaching

A personal coaching session with me will help you to clarify areas for improvement, recognise what is keeping you stuck and help you gain energy and enthusiasm for life with a renewed confidence!

Personal Life Coaching

I coach many clients through personal change or personal crisis to become more Assertive and access their Confidence to deal with what life throws at us! Many of us are afraid of change, the uncertainty of it, the fear of the unknown, the ‘What-If ‘syndrome blocks us from stepping into that change!

My personal coaching service can help you;

My coaching work is focused on assisting clients to appreciate their worth and value. 

Clients come to me for coaching to help deal with change in their lives, be that returning to work after a break, preparing for and coping with retirement, separation, feeing like they are stuck in a rut and generally dealing with a big change in their lives or wanting to make that change for the better.

I am very passionate about the whole process of seeing people bettering themselves. My belief is that, the essence of Coaching (whatever type) is human development. To help grow and develop in life, we have to accept what we can or cannot do, what we can or cannot change and move and grow and develop into confident beings.

From my sessions I have been told that clients now have an enthusiasm and renewed energy for life.

My passion is to be able to assist and to be part of a person’s turning point in their personal journey of purpose and passion, to witness that courage and vulnerability and to help turn it into drive and passion to help make substantive change for my clients to live more productive and fulfilling lives.

My forte is to coach clients to help them to get past blame for how they are, or where they are, and move them towards understanding and acceptance, so that they can get on with their lives with a new self- belief and confidence in themselves to go for and change what they want to change in their lives.

I have been told by many clients and coaching colleagues, that I have a natural talent which includes getting people to face fears and step outside of their comfort zones and deal with and accept change.

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