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If you are a second level student looking at course choices, a third level student considering career options or even if you are returning to education I can help guide you to make the right decision for you.

Coaching For Students

Whether you are studying at Third Level, Secondary Level or you are a returning student after taking a break from education, it’s really all about making this transition as easy as possible for yourself. This change can be daunting for many. My experience coaching students in helping them through this transition is in guiding them through the steps they can do to help themselves. This involves going through the stages of decision making and how together we can make this easier for you. My aim is to arm you with as much information as possible to help you make this decision with as much knowledge as possible for you to make a success of it.

Choosing your college course can be daunting. There are so many courses, so many colleges, so many career choices, so many people giving you advice (these people are only trying to help you too, so bear this in mind!).

So, what I will ask you to do, is to drown out these voices for now, and really put some serious thought and research into what YOU might like to study and what you definitely would not like to study! Easy right!! No I hear you, this is not as easy as it sounds. So, to help you come to your decision, – and it can only be your decision, we will work together to help you do this.

My coaching involves easy and manageable steps for you to follow in this process. You will leave my coaching session with an easy to follow Action List which will help you in this process.

Career Discovery for Third Level Students

Many third level students enjoy the journey of college, without thinking too much about their post-college future. My career discovery coaching for third level students encourages you along this journey, to help you research, network & make connections which will help you once you have completed college. This preparation will stand to you at the commencement of your career journeys and help you make the right choices in your career.

If you are a Graduate I can help you prepare for your career after college, which includes coaching for career suitability, researching positions available, coaching through CV preparation, application preparation and coaching for interview Success.

During your educational journey it can sometimes happen that you want to change your chosen course. Perhaps you’ve realised that your current course is leaving you unfulfilled or as you learn more about yourself you realise your passion or skillset is better suited to a different career. Whatever the reason my coaching can help you navigate this decision and transition.  

Who can benefit from a Career Discovery Session for Third Level Students?

Career Discovery for Second Level Students

Many second level students look forward to starting their college journeys. It’s an exciting time, but many students understandably fear this change. As an experienced education coach I can help calm this anxiety and fear. I can provide practical help and support for second level students with the following.

Who can benefit from a Career Discovery Session for Second Level Students?

A recent study carried out by the Higher Education Authority shows that by the end of the first year in college, 16-30% of students will have left. These statistics are alarming and point to a need for greater investment in getting that course choice right or as right as possible!

Junior Certificate & Transition Year Students

A coaching session with me can help Junior Certificate and Transition Year students to determine what subjects they should choose for the Leaving Cert and ultimately for a college course. My coaching helps take the fear out of this decision by helping them to focus on the following:

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