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Whether you are looking for help with a job application or CV, preparation for an interview or a really important presentation my experience as a career coach can help get the results you are looking for.

Coaching For Career Advancement

Who Is Career Coaching For?

Clients from Executive Managers with tonnes of experience, to College Leavers starting out in their careers and everyone in-between, benefit from my coaching skills and particularly my CONFIDENCE BUILDING coaching. They have gone on to achieve their career goals whether that is gaining a promotion, changing career or starting out on their chosen career path.

The Caroline Burke Coaching Method

I specialise in developing and strengthening the individual’s confidence and self-belief. I have a proven track record bringing clients to success in Career Development and Promotion.

Confidence and self-belief in ourselves can really affect our performance at interviews, no matter what level of position, from Executive Management, to those starting out on their careers and everything in-between.

Many of us attend interviews with hours of practice in answering various types of questions. In my experience no matter how good your answer is, if this is not delivered with confidence the essence of who we are can get lost on the listener (the interviewer). If the interviewer does not feel your confidence he/she may question your ability to do the job!

My interview preparation method starts with asking you a simple question? When you leave the interview……. What impression do you want the interviewer to have of you? What do you want them to be saying about you?

And I simply take it from here and work with you in preparing you to be at your best with this in mind!

Job Applications, CV's & Cover Letters

If you want help completing your application form or tailoring your CV to the position, I will review and guide you on what will work on paper, what the interviewers will be looking for when reviewing your application form or CV and what is being assessed to be successful in getting through the shortlisting process. I will review your draft application form or your CV before our session. We will then work through it together, so that you can submit the best application or CV possible. I will provide advice and guidance on writing the answers to the competency questions that are usually part of the application form so that you can impress the reader. I’ll also ensure you are highlighting your relevant previous experience relating to the role.

Where required I will help you draft the best Cover Letter to get you noticed and shortlisted for the interview.

Interview Preparation

During an interview preparation session we will go through your main selling points, skills and competencies which match what the job specification lists and what the panel will look for and mark you accordingly on. Prior to our session, I will ask you for a copy of the job description, your CV/Application and any other relevant information on the interview process.

If you are doing a competency-based interiew questions can be difficult to answer, so preparation is the key. I will take you through the process of how to answer these with CONFIDENCE!

In competency-based assessment the key concern is actual performance. The focus is therefore, on what individuals can do rather than what individuals know.

Competency-based measures of performance focus on outcomes. I will ensure this will come through clearly in your answers to the interview questions. Together we will work through interview questions and answers and make sure you are clearly able to answer them and articulate your fit for the role advertised.

If required I can also conduct a mock interview with you.

I will take you through the process of preparing for your interview including;

Presentation Preparation

Where a presentation is required as part of the interview process, I will work with you to clarify what the interview board are looking for. I will then work through your presentation approach and content. Together we rehearse the presentation, including anticipating questions that might be asked. Some of the areas we will pay close attention to during the coaching session include the following;

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