About Me

Accredited & Experienced
Coaching Professional

Hi. I'm Caroline Burke

My career as a coaching professional was born from a passion I have to help people reach their potential. My interest in coaching began while I was working as a Life-long learning officer at the Athlone Institute of Technology (now TUS). People came to me who needed assistance to change career, return to education or retrain due to the downturn in the economy.

That prompted me to train in coaching so that I could be better equipped to help people make their own decisions in changing their lives for the better – whatever that may be!

My Qualifications and Training include;

My Coaching Experience

I have an extensive variety and depth of experience. I have worked with clients across many Sectors and Industries including Public and Civil Service, Finance, Economics, Legal, Insurance, Technology, Aviation, Manufacturing and the Education Sector. 

I have coached clients to success in Career Coaching, Personal and Life Coaching and Education Coaching.

My clients include Executive Managers with years of experience, to College Leavers just starting out in their careers. 

My own professional experience outside of professional coaching, includes a variety of settings and positions but my most recent experience is in the Third Level Education Sector where I have worked for many years in a variety of roles from Lifelong Learning Officer, Careers Officer and currently, Human Resources Officer. I also lecture part-time on Personal Development and Coaching programmes.

What You Can Expect

A session with me will empower you to believe in your own abilities, skills and competencies. I am very passionate about inspiring people to be the best they can be, to see and acknowledge their true potential.

My speciality excellence in all of areas of my coaching is Building People’s Confidence and their self-Belief to be successful in whatever they do. I help you to fill the GAP from where you are now to where you would like to be.

I am very passionate about helping people in confidence building. I focus on instilling in clients a renewed air and feeling of confidence after a session with me.

I’ve been told many times by clients that I have a natural ability to immediately put one at ease which encourages open, honest and supportive conversation. I also like to challenge each client to see themselves more positively. I am a very direct, humorous coach but a tough task master in an open and honest way, while always encouraging my client to grow and develop and to go for and achieve their goals.

The research shows that whatever you put your attention on grows, so this is what and how I coach!

Ready To Begin Your Coaching Journey?