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About Caroline Burke Coaching

Hi, I’m Caroline. I am an accredited professional Master Coach with extensive experience and a strong successful track record in a range of coaching categories, including Career Coaching and Consultancy, Education Coaching including CAO/Course choice and Personal Development/Life Coaching. 

My area of expertise, running through all of my coaching, is Building People’s Confidence and their Self-Belief to be successful.

My coaching sessions are safe, confidential spaces where you will be empowered to believe in your own abilities, skills and competencies.

I am very passionate about inspiring people to be the best they can be, to see and acknowledge their true potential….. We are all so much greater that we think we are!

Coaching Services Provided

Experienced career coach in Ireland

Career Coaching

Clients from Executive Managers with years of high-level experience, right through to college leavers starting out in their careers, have benefited from my professional career coaching. Career coaching services include CV's & application reviews, Interview confidence & mastering, gaining a promotion or changing careers.

Education Coaching

An education coaching session with me can help everyone from leaving certificate students navigating the CAO process and the daunting array of college courses to third level students through to adults looking at return to education options. I can help you to focus on how and what you can do to make this decision for yourself.

Personal coaching in Ireland - Caroline Burke

Personal Coaching

My personal coaching sessions will help you to clarify areas for improvement, recognise what is keeping you stuck and help you gain energy and enthusiasm for life with a renewed confidence! I have helped clients of all ages through tough times including coping with change, helping with anxiety or a lack of confidence and assertiveness.

What A Coaching Session Involves

So, what is coaching? According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), coaching is defined as a partnership with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching is a client-driven process that’s distinct from other service professions, such as counselling or mentoring.

All of my coaching sessions are confidential. Coaching is all about moving you forward into action. By this I mean, helping you to set goals into actionable steps for you to follow. Whether you are looking to work on confidence for an interview or you are at application stage and you want help with identifying what you need to work on and improve. Perhaps you are looking to build the confidence to make improvements or changes in your work or personal life or confidence in making that college decision.

Coaching For Confidence

To me confidence is not a constant in anyone’s life. Sometimes we feel really confident in ourselves, and other times our confidence takes a knock, when we are thrown a CURVEBALL! These knocks can come in many forms, be that another person, a stressful event, a past interview or past event or just self-doubt and simply not appreciating and believing in ourselves. Being thrown curveballs in my own life, and having been through some stressful events, both personally and professionally, I know what I have to do to work on my own confidence and this is why I can empathise with and help my clients. I know what works! When our confidence is zapped by someone or something, we tend to procrastinate and let fears get in the way, be they for that interview for promotion, taking that step to change careers, going to college, or making a personal change in our lives for the better.

At some stage in our lives, we all have to work through anxiety, fears and doubts that block us from doing things that keep us stuck in a place where we wish to move on from.

Whatever it may be for you, a session with me will give you clarity on what it is you can do to help yourself and how you can do this. Together, we will look at ways where you can help yourself to make lasting changes or help you to break old habits that are not serving you well or blocking you from success. No-one knows you better than you! So, we work together to create solutions and action plans for you.

How A Coaching Session With Me Works

A coaching session with me lasts for one and a half hours, either face-to-face at my home office which is located between Athlone and Roscommon or online through Teams or Zoom.

After our initial free consultation phone call, where we discuss and identify your need for coaching, we can then agree on further consultations to suit you. I will send you preparation information which will outline what our sessions will entail and how we will work together to achieve whatever it is you wish to achieve.

I have been told by many clients that I have a natural ability to spark an excitement in them in waking them up to realise how great they can be, to access the confidence that is within each of us. I instil courage and confidence for clients to believe this. I like clients to leave my sessions in the knowledge that they have someone on their side and someone that they will be accountable to in achieving their goals!

"To use a coach is not a sign of incompetence but a really good investment in your FUTURE"

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Experience Counts - Who I Have Worked With

With over 20 years coaching experience under my belt I am proud to say that I have helped coach countless people to help them reach their career, personal and educational goals.

I have worked with clients across many Sectors/industries including Public and Civil Service, Finance, Economics, Legal, Insurance, Technology, Aviation, Manufacturing and the Education Sector. 

Public Service Sector Organisations I Have Worked With

Private Sector Companies I Have Worked With

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